Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions for renting products and using rental services from Japan Wi-Fi K&M LLC.

In order to place an order with our company, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions as below:

Also, it is your fully responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions properly and completely before place an order.

Japan Wi-Fi K & M LLC, ("JWi","We" "Us") and you (the "Customer","You") hereby agree to the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") with respect to products and services offering by JWi to the Customer of the wireless communication devices (the "Unit", the "rental unit").

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

a. When the Customer places an order via our website (www.japan-wifi.net), this will constitute the Customer's acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of JWi. Moreover, we only provide the rental services to people with age of 18 years old or over.

Delivery of Unit

a. Order must be placed 3 days in advanced by customers for the smooth shipping preparation.

b. At the end of the rental term (the rental period in which the Customer is being charged for the Services), the Customer is supposed to return the unit by 11:00 AM after the rental period ends. Late return will be applied to ¥1,200 per day after the rental term ends.

c. JWi takes responsibility for shipping of unit to the Customer's designated address.

d. Free delivery for every day even on weekends. (For certain time only, please ask us for details)

Payment Policy

a. Rental charge will be charged to customer credit card after JWi finalize the rental request by the Customer

b. JWi accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Amex), Diners and JCB only.

Use of Unit

a. The rental unit is for used in Japan ONLY.

b. The Customer will use the rental unit in a careful and proper manner and in accordance with the instructions within the User Operation Manual.

c. During the rental term/rental period, customer should contact JWi with any trouble or customer support issues in order to provide JWi the opportunity to resolve any difficulties.

d. Legitimate purposes only.


a. The rental unit will at all times remain property of JWi. The customer has no rights other than temporary use.

Charges and Pricings

a. Rental fee will be charged to customer credit card after JWi finalize the rental request by the Customer

b. JWi is entitled to bill the Customer for the delayed return of the unit, therefore ¥1,200 per day will be charged to Customer credit card for delayed, postpone return of unit.

c. If Customers mistakenly bring back the rental devices to their home country, customers are responsible to send back the rental devices to JWi at their own cost.

d. If the Customer is having any difficulty with using the Service while at the destination, the Customer must notify JWi within the rental period in order to qualify for any possible refund or discount to service. Any refund or discount to a charge is provided solely at JWi 's discretion.

e. The following are the prices for JWi 's rental units and services, all prices are in Japanese yen, with consumption tax and standard delivery fees included

Units / Services Pricing
1-4 Days
5-30 Days
(Per day)
31-60 Days
(Per day)
61-90 Days
(Per day)
Pocket WiFi LTE (GL06P) ¥3,980 ¥300 ¥310 ¥300
Pocket WiFi 4G (502HW) ¥7,000 ¥700 ¥700 ¥700
Pocket WiFi 4G (305ZT) ¥6,000 ¥600 ¥600 ¥600


f. For mobile Phone Rental Users: a copy of valid photo ID ( such as passport ) is required when booking. Please fill out your passport information in the "Add comments about your order" column

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Applicable Laws

The law of Japan shall govern this agreement. Any legal action or similar proceedings shall be instated and held in Tokyo- Japan, where JWi's headquarter is located.

Loss, Theft, Damaged, Replacement, Termination

a. JWi encourage/recommend the Customer to use their travel insurance, credit card 's optional insurance for any unexpected loss, damaged, stolen unit.

b. Please contact JWi immediately for any loss, damaged, or stolen unit for the appropriate procedure. We will provide necessary documents when customer requests

Contact phone number: +81-90-2548-1169 or email us at info@japan-wifi.net

c. Meanwhile, please read the below for reference

Loss fees Chart for Rental Devices

1) Pocket Wi-Fi Device: ¥30,000 ( or ¥10,000)
2) Battery: ¥4,200
3) AC Power Adapter: ¥3,000
4) USB cable: ¥2,150
5) Carrying/Portable Case: ¥1,500
6) Plain Phone: ¥40,000
7) Android Phone: ¥70,000
8) iPhone 5s: ¥80,000

Note: Price with ( ) is applicable for products with insurance plan. Insurance plan is 500 yen/week.

e. If the rental unit is not working properly after the customer received it from JWi, please notify JWi immediately for the above situation, then JWi will provide/replace the similar rental unit to customer as soon as possible

f. The Customer is responsible to return the rental unit as in a good condition as exactly when JWi delivered the above unit to Customer.

g. JWi reserves the right to terminate the rental contact with customer any time without notice if

1. JWi found the rental unit is used or maybe for any illegal or improper purposes, or in violation of applicable laws, breach of any of these terms and conditions including the payment policies, or possible theft or fraud.

e. Terms and Conditions may be amended or modified by JWi in its discretion at any time by notifying to Customers by any reasonable means. 

Japan Wi-Fi K&M LLC

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