Pocket WiFi 4G-305ZT (4-day package)

Pocket WiFi 4G-305ZT (4-day package)
Product Code: PW 4G-305ZT
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  • LATEST model, 4G network
  • DOWNLOAD 187.5Mbps /UPLOAD 37.5 Mbps

Pocket WiFi 4G-305 ZT


Color Black
Size (W)117× (H)62× (D)13.9mm
Weight 150g
Operation time Continous Connecting Time: 9 hours
Continuous Standby Time: 1,000 hours (when wireless is OFF)
Charging Time AC adapter (est. 3 hours)/USB connector (est. 6 hours)
Battery 2,700mAh
Supporting 14 devices
Communication Standard 4G- Download 165Mbps/Upload 10Mbps.
Operation System Except Windows® XP
Windows Vista® (32bit/64bit)
Windows® 7 (32bit/64bit)
Windows® 8 (32bit/64bit)
Mac OS X 10.6~10.8(32bit/64bit)
Display Color touch screen with 2.4 inch display

Ymobile 4G: Download 165Mbps max/Upload 10Mbps max.

Ymobile LTE: Download 187.5Mbps/Upload 37.5Mbps.This is however the best effort of the communication, you might get the lower speed depending on the network environment

3G : Download 21Mbps max/Upload 5.7Mbps max.


  • UNLIMITED data usage
  • LATEST model Pocket Wifi
  • Liquid crystal touch screen
  • English display screen
  • AXGP(4G) / LTE / 3G
  • DOWNLOAD 187.5Mbps / UPLOAD 37.5 Mbps (Best effort, however you might get the low speed internet connection depend on communication environment)