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Japan-wifi.net rents wireless internet access devices and services in Japan.

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The advantages to rent a mobile wifi, pocket wifi from Japan wifi K&M

1. Mobile Wifi, Portable Wifi ( or Pocket wifi) rental is the best option for Internet access while visiting Japan.You are not restricted to having Internet access in your hotel room or dorm room.

2. You can use it on the trains or on trips, and anywhere, even in the middle of the street.

3. Having Mobile Wifi or Pocket Wifi would give you access to GPS maps, to help you get places.

4. And you can do more than just checking emails, you could use programs like Skype or voice over IP to make and receive telephone calls, which can save a lot of money on international calling and roaming.

5. Additionally, you can use your own devices, such as your own phone or tablet, which means you will have all of your applications and data, such at contacts, notes, and calendar, and still be able to synchronize all of this data with the cloud.

6. Finally, you can share among everyone in your family or group, which can help to save money because it is not necessary for each individual person to rent a device, as long as you are all within range of the single device.

7. Renting from japan-wifi.net (Jwi) is advantageous because you do not require any special VISA and you are not required to sign lengthy contracts of 2 or 3 years; you can rent by the days, weeks, or months.

8. Our Pocket Wifi has excellent coverage and high speed throughout Japan by using the 4G-LTE networks from one of the biggest Japan data provider Docomo, Softbank and also Ymobile. 

9. Also, we make it simple for you, because the device can be delivered to your hotel, private residence, airport and waiting for you upon arrival, and it is easy to return by placing it in the prepaid return envelope.

10. All devices come preconfigured for best performance, and with simple instructions on how to get started, but we also provide technical support in case you have additional questions.

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